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Immer 3 Michael Mayer // Kompakt "The majority of these tracks have been long companions, ever reliable secret weapons. They never failed me and continue to excite me even after a thousand plays." - MICHAEL MAYER It's been almost eight years since our ears were delighted to MICHAEL MAYER's IMMER (which translates in English to ALWAYS) - a mix CD that even for it's time seemed to transcend the state of the DJ mix album by bridging a timeless period of emerging music from producers known and new in exemplarity style and fusion. IMMER would play a pivotal role in bringing the sound of KOMPAKT and of course MICHAEL MAYER, to a global audience and to this date, and remains one of the most cherished and respected mix CD's of all time, having recently made countless "best of decade" charts normally reserved for studio albums (including PITCHFORK and FACT MAGAZINE) plus earning a #1 position of "Best Mix CD Of The 00's" in leading dance music authority RESIDENT ADVISOR. Artists Culoe De Song // Cortney Tidwell // Raudive // Closer Musik // Popnoname // Kinky Justice // Smith N Hack // Tim Paris // Charlotte Gainsbourg // Massive Attack // Ben Watt
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