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POP AMBIENT returns…and beyond the usual anticipation, for a cause. We celebrate a decade of annual bliss with POP AMBIENT 2010! Certainly a cornerstone of the house of KOMPAKT and early awaited by followers alike. Newcomers may ask - so what is POP AMBIENT? A genre? Possibly. A statement of musical mindset? Absolutely! POP AMBIENT was conceived by KOMPAKT co-owner and producer WOLFGANG VOIGT and remains a collection selected and curated by VOIGT. POP AMBIENT remains an ambitious entity of KOMPAKT that certainly draws influence from his legendary GAS recordings of the late '90's . The musical context often characterizes densely layered ambient soundscapes that are not concerned with beats, percussion or basslines. Throughout POP AMBIENT's editions, the music has evolved ever so naturally - almost characterizing the blossoming of the floral arrangements that have graced the series covers year after year.
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