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Le groupe électronique islandais Gus Gus se forme à Reykjavik en 1995. A la base, le groupe est conçu pour des activités cinématographiques. Il comprend alors les réalisateurs Stefan Arni et Siggi Kjartansson. La formation s'élargit avec l'arrivée progressive du DJ Herb Legowitz, du programmeur Biggi Thorarinsson, des chanteurs / compositeurs Daniel Agust, Hafdis Huld et Magnus Jonsson et du producteur Baldur Stefansson. Après avoir signé des maxis intitulés Club mix EP, Gus Gus enregistre son premier album Polydistortion en 1997. Suivent les albums This is Normal en 1999 et Gus Gus vs the world en l'an 2000. Ils reviennent à l'été 2002 avec Attention et en mars 2007 sort Forever. “You could compare GusGus´s 6th studio album with a whale.
An animal that spends most of it´s time under the surface, but when it comes up above sea-level, it usually surfaces with a magnificent speciality - much like the latest GusGus creation. Therefore, you should not glean over this work; every moment of it is laid out with painstaking and elaborate candour. 
24/7 is a wet dream
The spine of the music is original, created in the "intestines" of GusGus. "On the Job" is the working man´s phrenetic song to the unbroken animal called love.
The opus "Thin Ice´" describes the bloated donkey dancing on ice. And in "Add This Song" the listener is encouraged to add that particular song to his collection.
The GusGus analogue sound environment has never been better, and Daniel Agust´s vocals take the reigns again and thus opens the group's variability to new heights. As on previous occasions GusGus performs a song written by Jimi Tenor, the fantastic "Take me Baby" where Jimi Tenor is a guest singer.
"Hateful" is a pretty family-type song that GusGus and Aaron-Carl composed together while being on different sides of the Atlantic.”
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